Your home is so much more than the number of square feet and how many bedrooms it has.  It is where you live out your life and create memories.  Think about the percentage of your life you spend in your home.  It should provide an atmosphere that is relaxing and pleasing, yet most people don't know how to achieve this or where to begin.  

Decorating a home is more than picking colors or couches.  It's an opportunity to create a look and feel that reflects your interests, personality and lifestyle.  If you are planning on selling your home, save yourself some money by STAGING it first. It is essential to showcase your home with an appeal that is required to compete in this market. 

You can build or buy a house and just move in as is, but it may lack the visual appeal that you were hoping for. Creating a design element that reflects who you are - that is what will make your home your haven...a safe relaxing refuge you and your family can spend time in.

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"Michele transformed my loft space into something I can truly call home.  At our initial meeting, she quickly grasped both my personal style and how my international travels were preserved through the artwork I had collected and developed a design theme that effectively and beautifully integrated both."
S. Priser - Chicago, IL