1.  I’m selling my home and I can’t afford to stage it. Why should I spend money when I can just do it myself?” 

The truth is that you cannot afford not to invest in this. Staging is the most cost effective way to increase the return on your investment. 
Your home is most likely, the most valuable asset you own. 
Why wouldn’t you sell it at its maximum potential?”

2 I'm on a tight budget and I've never used a decorator.  Is this within my reach?  

I can work within any budget and find it an exciting challenge to do so.  

3.  Do I have to purchase expensive furniture to get a professionally decorated look in my home?

No, absolutely not. I love shopping at a variety of places from high end
furniture stores to overstock retailers, flea markets to thrift stores.  
The amount of money a piece may cost has nothing to do with 
the creative aspect that is essential in pulling a room together.

4.  How can I afford to pay a decorator when I also have to purchase items?  It seems too expensive.

A common mistake that people make is to buy endless items to furnish 
their homes,ending up with a result that is far from the finished look 
that they intended. Wouldn't you rather invest in the assurance 
of buying pieces that will have a purpose and a place in your 
home resulting in a complete room that appeals to you?

5.  I have ideas on what I like but I just don't know how to execute them.  Do you work with your clients' ideas?

 I work closely with you to bring YOUR vision to life.

6.  As an interior decorator are you just helping me buy furniture?

No, although I can help you select your furniture, I offer many 
other services from A to Z.  This is why I like to meet with
you initially to understand what type of service you desire.

7.  How can I be sure that I will be able to visualize what may be proposed?

Using my background in art, I will sketch an idea so that it helps 
my clients fully understand the visual concept. I have 
found this really keeps our communication strong.

For more information or to schedule a consultation:

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" It was such a pleasure working with Michele. Michele was very helpful in choosing the right color paint for our living room and dining room as well as the hallway that leads up to our second floor in our house. She took the time to make sure that I was happy with her suggestions on the color paint to use to show off our woodwork. The end results were more than I expected. I have had nothing but compliments."
 K. Musial -  South Elgin, IL