Most people think that a decorator is only for the wealthy.  This is a myth many people believe based on general assumptions about interior design.  I believe that good interior design does not have to be expensive and can be affordable for the average homeowner.  If you are preparing your home to sell it or if you are preparing your home to enjoy it, I can increase the value by transforming your space into something beautiful.

After years of selling new construction homes, working from blueprints, designing and helping people select the interior components, I recognized a vast need for offering a service to help people complete the dream they began.  I have an extensive art background and have always been involved with various design, art and creative projects.  This along with my years of working with clients to build their homes gives me an insight into what people are looking for. I use this experience and combine it with my desire to recycle, refinish and purchase things at an affordable price. I love the challenge of seeing things through a creative lens of possibilities!  Whatever your need, I can offer a solution. So let me help you stage your home to sell or make your home your haven!

Whether you just built a new house, have lived in your home for years, or are planning to sell it, I can help you to design your space within a budget that works for your needs.  Why not achieve what you desire in your home? 
" Whether it is to stage a home that I am preparing to list or needing help in my own home, I am always amazed at how Michele can come into a room and in a very short amount of time (and small amount of money) revitalize it.  I like to think I have some sense of decorating, but I am reminded that I truly don't have the "gift" after working with a true professional like Michele.  I know this will be a lifelong business relationship as she provides the results that both my clients and I are looking for.  I am so happy with her choices that I almost feel I can't buy a thing "without Michele".
 D. Priser - Real Estate Broker and Appraiser - St Charles IL

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